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Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Manual Accounting

  • Online Accounting

  • Digital Accounting Support & Training

Having a professional doing your transaction processing gives you that extra time needed to focus on what you do best- growing your business!  Understanding your finances and tracking your taxes goes a long way to ensuring your success.  Our team allows you to have tools at the ready to expand your online presence, set up inventory tracking, market research to improve productivity, and many more options to help you grow.  Whether it's manual or digital accounting that you are looking for, we are only a phone call away!

Payroll Processing

  • Direct Deposit

  • Automated Tax Deduction Payments

  • Record of Employment Automation

  • T4 & T4 Summaries

We have an in-house processing partner that ensures your employees are paid on time and by direct deposit.  It can save you countless hours of struggling to figure out the taxes and make the monthly government remittance payments on time.  With the click of a button, it's done, remitted, and out of your mind.  For a nominal monthly fee, you are guaranteed peace of mind.  There is also an affordable time tracking option for your employees to sign in and sign out with ease that is adaptable to any workplace setting.

Web Consultation

Business Consulting

From journey and touchpoint mapping to building enterprise databases, we’ve seen (and done) it all. We work with different technology partners, agencies, and teams to create the best solutions for our clients. 

We help our clients’ brands evolve along the data-driven marketing continuum for improved marketing performance, mutually valuable customer relationships, and stronger competitive advantage.

We have developed a talent for making deals, opening new markets, and creating business opportunities. We are enjoying working with Canadian businesses and our global network to open up new markets and new opportunities. 

Financial Advising

Whether it is deciding when to replace equipment, expand, or sell your business, there are always complicated decisions to be made by a business owner.  We can help you explore the options and make solid business decisions with confidence.

Analyzing Data
Cargo Shipping Containers


With 20 years' experience in international markets, the Tamara team will assist you to find new resources/raw materials for your products & will help you to sell your products abroad. Contact us for more info


You tell us where you want to buy & sell, and we'll find you a partner. We've built a vast network of trusted partners who can take your business to the next level. 

Business People Talking

Project Management

Tamara has a great team with extensive professional experience in Consulting Services, Hospitality Management, Project Management, Cost Management & System Analysis, with a proven record of accomplishment.
Our team is highly adaptable with a demonstrated ability to accomplish objectives in both multi-national and start-up organizations. We can assist you in choosing and executing any form of specialized organizational transformation or change management that your organization is considering.


Our Team will help you get better sources for your products that are of higher quality at better prices. We will also guide you through opening new international markets for your products. If you're looking to sell abroad with your established business, then Tamara is your one-stop-shop.

Office Desk

Cost auditing

Our team is trained to identify areas where cost changes can improve your margins and increase the bottom line.  Sometimes a slight decrease in expenses can have a dramatic impact on your profits.  This comes from a thorough understanding of your business and the market at large.

I.T. and Online Services

  • Point of Sale System Setup

  • Project&Client Based Time Tracking Solutions

  • Website Building (Bootstrap, Wix, GoDaddy, etc)

  • Shopify Store Setup

  • Inventory Control

  • Website Analytics

Whether it's setting up a POS System, an online shop, or a website, our team will help you get up and running.

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