About Us

To Grow your Business, you need to have Connections, to have Connections you need to be Supportive, Cooperative, Respecting & Understanding of your Partners’ Needs & Challenges.

Tamara Connections Team understands that very well, we work to Build Connections through Support, Respect & Understanding. We have unique perceptions of relationships around us, where we see…
Connections – The ability to set up a longterm relationship based on mutual benefit & willingness to grow together
Respect – is the bond of our relationship with our partners.
Understanding – we listen, we communicate & we act.
Support – we stand by our partners to face all their challenges together.
Together We Grow – Our primary mission in Tamara Connections

Let’s partner with us & you will experience a new flavor of Business Connections.

Meet The Team

Tamer Selim

Tamara Group was built by Tamer Selim, an executive and business leader with experience in leading businesses, managing investments, and developing new markets across the Globe.


Darlene has 30 years of experience doing accounting, bookkeeping, and Customer Service in a variety of industries including Real Estate & Property Management, Industrial Gasoline & Propane, and the Service Industry.



Liam is our I.T. support and Online Service Coordinator. He has a background in Computer Science and by the time he was 20, he helped start an award-winning non-profit at the University of Prince Edward Island where he managed the Operations team.

Dr. Vince Repaci

Dr. Vincenzo is an expert in communication and organizational development with international experience building high performing teams.

Dr. Gregor McEwan

Dr. Gregor is an expert in understanding and using data and in developing machine learning models to predict the effects of global and managerial change.

Patrick Farrar

Patrick is a Startup Advisor through Startup Zone and a mentor for several businesses, he has helped launch and foster several social startups, leading efforts in raising millions in financing.

His experience and love for start-ups pull him towards other ventures that bring added value to the Canadian economy through business creation and employment.

Lalith Gunaratne

Lalith is an international respected executive coach, leadership development expert and mindfulness coach. He gives the secret to sustainable high performance.

Our Services

Here at Tamara Connections we offer services that allow you to grow, maintain, and expand your business both locally and internationally.